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“Ten Trends” of the future earth (Earth Dream)

Dear Friends on Earth

Today is August 17th, 2013, Saturday, Cloudy. The scorching heat is continuing, and the whole land is like a huge oven as before. I am still in this huge oven at this moment. According to weather forecast, the highest temperature today is 39℃, but it feels much higher than that.

I just had supper, a plate of sautéed watermelon peel, a plate of sautéed opo squash, and the staple food was steamed bun and black rice porridge. I didn’t intend to have supper, but thinking of giving instruction to you all which needs energy, I had a simple meal.

You may have noticed that sometimes I refer to some details when expounding. There are profound intentions, one of which is to provide basis and data for future earthmen who will do research on what have happened at our current space-time point. I have said that I am writing history, and your names will be written into history as well.

The future earthly people will be very interested in what is happening in current space-time period on the earth, so we should leave research data for them as far as possible.
The intelligent level of future earthmen will be well above that of present earthmen, and their civilization level will be far superior to present human beings’.

About the substantial advancement of the earth future civilization and the remarkable improvement on earthmen’s intelligent level, there are ten obvious signs as follows:

  1. Global integration.
  2. Global ecosystem naturalization.
  3. Global energy sources cleanization.
  4. Global population rationalization.
  5. Global society harmonization.
  6. Earth operation regularization.
  7. Earth magnetic field co-frequency.
  8. Earth species diversification.
  9. Earth energy purification.
  10. Earth elements upgradation.

The above points can be briefly summarized as “Ten Trends” of the future earth, which is easy to be remembered. The former five points mainly reflect the significant changes of human society, while the latter five points mainly reflect that of the earth.

I try to formulate everything with the simplest, the most straightforward and the most transparent words. I would expect the future earth civilization to be simple, straightforward and lucid.
I place sincere hope on future earthmen, and I have the bright longing on future earth civilization. I lovs the earth. I care for her, loves her and blesses her just like a pearl in the palm.
I am weaving the future earth-dream; I am planning for the future global village; I am blessing the future earthmen.
I have every reason to believe that y Earth-Dream is sure to come true!
Although many present earthly people regard what I am talking about as idiotic nonsense, I firmly believe that my Earth-Dream is sure to come true in the near future.
The moon outside the window is looking at me silently and casting gleams of silvery light through window glass. I have felt the encouragement, support, light and love of the moon.
I have not only the Earth-Dream but also a Moon-Dream, Sun-Dream, Milky Way-Dream and Universe-Dream. I have numerous dreams, and I am travelling in the universe for these dreams.

I journey around for dreams. I am dedicated to dreams. I am expounding in the dream, and you are listening in dreams.
Wish all of you a sweet dream!

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