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Vegan Diet and New Life

It’s the end of March. Writing about march’s subject has come to an conclusion. 

Our April subject is Vegan Diet and New Life.

I expect our researchers to write more, better and higher level theoretical articles. 

Future earthman’s life is sure to be wonderful!

Vegan diet will definitely become a mark for future earthman.

All new life starts from vegan diet!

Caring for the earth, let’s march on together.

Since Jan. 2014, we have been writing one subject per month and it has been one year and three months. The result is obvious. You have moved up very quickly and have made great achievements. 

However there are still people who did not recognize the benefit of writing articles and can not submit articles synchronously. It’s pity but it’s never too late to mend. I wish those people could make efforts and keep up. It does not matter how long the article is, how many words the article contain and what style the article is. Just write diligently and it would not be difficult. 

It’s not a good student not to finish homework in time. 

It’s a mandatory mission to write theme articles. 

I have a goal: Bring up a huge army of researchers, practitioners and volunteers who care for the earth. I will concentrate on this one thing and will never give up. 

The public welfare undertaking of caring for the earth is my main undertaking both at current time and long time in the future. I will travel all around the world because of this and will push it forward with all I can. 

I expect more people of insight to join the earth-caring public welfare. Wish more like-minded people become earth-caring researchers, practitioners and volunteers.

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