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Earth, the beautiful blue planet in the universe, is the only habitable place for human beings. After thousands of years of human development, the planet is facing a series of crises. These crises include energy crisis, environmental crisis, ecological crisis, demographic crisis, belief crisis, economic crisis, political crisis, nuclear crisis, social crisis, biological crisis and moral crisis. The planet is in the need of sustainable development. Many studies have shown that the temperature of the earth is increasing; the earth is losing balance; the magnetic poles are adjusting; the earth’s energy field has been altered; the earth’s ecological systems have lost their equilibrium; the environment has been seriously polluted; the population is increasing sharply and nuclear energy is being used blindly. Human beings are at a critical moment in history.
We human beings must face these crises proactively and from a preventative standpoint. It’s time to start making the right decisions for the benefit of future generations. These choices need to be in favor of stable and balanced operation of the planet. Our goal is to help mitigate our planetary crises. Our mission is to devote ourselves to caring our planet Earth.
Our Society promotes vegetarian diet, health, peace, energy-saving, green societies, environmental protection, animal protection, forest protection; our society propagates positive energy, positive information and positive codes; our society advocates personal moral codes of conduct such as abstaining from alcohol drinking, smoking, drug usage, gambling, internet addiction, and other vices that hurt both self and society; our society actively pushes for a harmonious and healthy development of humans and nature.
We are a registered 503(c) non-profit organization based on scientific research and philanthropic values. We will continue to research, practice and awaken more people to care for our planet and build a harmonious, united, balanced society and natural environment.
Our society will continue to pay attention to disasters and potential crises. We will provide quality research to help understand and uncover the causes of these disasters. Natural Principles, Scientific Truth and Cosmic Law are our guidelines. The society will provide corresponding measures and solutions to tackle these challenges.
Our society aims to unite the earth, naturalize the eco-system, look for clean energy sources, rationalize the population, harmonize the society, regulate the operation of the earth and diversify the species on the earth. We promote a new earth, new humankind, new civilization and new life for all. We devote ourselves to protecting the earth, caring the earth and helping build a beautiful new earth homeland.
Caring for the earth is our common mission and we welcome you to join us.
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