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Caring for the Earth is the Largest Public Welfare

Caring for the earth is the largest public welfare.

This public welfare, caring for the earth, needs a large number of high level researchers, volunteers and practitioners. 

“The rise and fall of the earth, is everyone’s responsibility.”

Year 2015 is sure to be an unordinary year. We must keep a peaceful mind. We must compose our response. We must prepare the rain gear ahead of time and we must act with wisdom and cautiousness.

In 2015, we must be on guard against conceit and impetuosity, learn with an open mind, study diligently with a quiet mind, settle down the heart to study and research with modesty. We will have weighty research results.

In 2015, we will start with Vegan Diet. Dig deep into Vegan theory. Only if we can convince ourselves, can we convince others. Only if we can do it, can we influence others.

Vegan theory must be courageous with sufficient reasons. 

In 2015, we will center around the four subjects “Vegan Diet and New Earth” “Vegan Diet and New Civilization” “Vegan Diet and New Mankind” “Vegan Diet and New Lifestyle” and research thoroughly. Concentrate. Don’t digress. Don’t get distracted.

Look forward to your research results.

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