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Transform Outmoded Habits and Customs

Today is Feb. 2nd, 2016, the 24th day of the twelfth month in Chinese lunar calendar. The 24th is the day of sweeping dust. The so-called “sweeping dust” is the year-end thorough cleanup. Cleaning up before the Spring Festival is a usual traditional custom of Chinese people.

Every year when the Spring Festival is coming, all families would clean up their living environment, clean and wash various kinds of appliances, unpick and wash bedclothes and curtains, sprinkle water and sweep the ground of the courtyard, whisk dust and dirt as well as sweep cobwebs, desludge the open canal and subdrain.

Throughout China, everywhere is filled with the atmosphere of joyfully sweeping and spotlessly greeting the Spring Festival.

Sweeping dust also has the emotional wishes of getting rid of illness and plague, praying for good health in the new year,breaking away from the old (The pronunciation of this word in Chinese, which means old, sounds like that of dust) and developing the new.

On the day of sweeping dust, we sweep dust and eliminate dirt.

It is easy to clean up the dust in physical world while it’s difficult to clean up the dirt inside.

The Spring Festival that the Chinese expect is joyful, harmonious, festival and reunited. However, I do not like a Spring Festival like this. Actually speaking, I do not like celebrating the Spring Festival because behind such Spring Festival, there is a great deal of killing livestock, eating meat, drinking, smoking, gambling, corrupting and accepting bribes, etc., which I consistently object to.

I hope that our Spring Festival could transform outmoded habits and customs, and everyone spends a Spring Festival which is benevolent, public-spirited, healthy, eco-friendly, vegetarian, healthful, uncorrupted and auspicious.

Not only does Chinese Spring Festival need to transform outmoded habits and customs, so do plenty of festivals in many countries all over the world.

Some of the unnecessary festivals could be directly canceled, and the valuable and meaningful ones also need to be purified.

Humans need festivals, and need those that accord with the standards of new earth, new humanity, new civilization and new life, while they do not need those that are full of negative energy of slaughter, bloodiness, truculence, tobacco and wine, corruption, sexual misconduct, gambling and drugs.

The earth will certainly move towards integration.

It is an irresistible trend that the globe will achieve political integration, economic integration, cultural integration, educational integration as well as science and technology integration, etc. And the chance for the globe to realize integration in each field is getting maturer and maturer.

There are too many countries, nationalities, languages, festivals, weights and measures on the earth! It is too complex!

History has come to the day with advanced civilization, highly developed technology, convenient transportation and smooth network today, and it is time to integrate.

It’s getting late. Let’s stop here today. I would like to use a little poem as today’s epilog.

Sweep the dust and eliminate the dirt,

and the heaven and the earth will become clear.

Transform customs and outmoded habits,

and the whole universe will be purified.

If you ask when all beings will awaken,

I will just smilingly watch the running of the sun and the moon.

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