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The Best Way to Solve the Earth’s Crises

Today is Feb. 4th, 2016, the 26th day of twelfth month in Chinese lunar calendar. Today, in the traditional folk custom of Han nationality, is the day of “Stewing big meat”.

In Han population, the folk saying goes like “On the 26th, butcher pigs for New Year’s Meat.” It means that the main event on this day is to prepare meat for the Spring Festival.

That “butcher pigs for New Year’s Meat” being included into folk songs is because that in the economically undeveloped farming society, people only had chance to eat meat during the period of annual Spring Festival, so it’s called New Year’s Meat.

From this day on, ordinary people start to prepare goods for the Spring Festival. In villages of each region, people all flock to the market to buy New Year goods such as cigarettes, wine, fish, meat, firecrackers and gifts for visiting relatives. Nothing can be left out. The New Year atmosphere is gathering.

Today I read a little story and would like to share it with you:

The little pig said to his mother happily, “Mom, mom, how are we going to spend the Spring Festival?” The mother fought back tears and said, “Honey, go to bed early and you need to take good care of yourself in future.” Looking at the sleeping baby, the mother ran out of the door and cried bitterly, “Mom will not be able to celebrate the Spring Festival, and I will become a dish on humans’ table for their family reunion.”

Treat others as you want to be treated.

Treat all beings as you want to be treated.

Humans look forward to reunion. Parents expect to see their offsprings around. Children wish their parents and the elders to be healthy and of longevity. All of them are not willing to see family being broken up, and they are afraid of impermanence and death. On the other hand, however, humans are extremely cruel to all beings. They never hesitate to kill other beings and have their hands stained with blood to satisfy their desire for food.

As a man’s ten fingers are linked to his heart, how can we have our clean hands blooded?

Vegetarian diet is an irresistible trend and the advancing direction of civilization. The future humans are sure to take the path of vegetarian diet. The future earth is sure to be a vegetarian planet. All of these are predictable.

The process will not take long. It depends on how fast humans awaken. Humans will say goodbye to bloodiness and choose the clean way. I have confidence in human beings.

The humans’ souls were once undefiled, so were the humans’ bodies. The humans’ diets were once clean, so were their living environments.

But now?

Everything in eyes is filthy.

The human’s sinking into indulgence is the root of all problems. Awakening the public is the key to solving these problems. Nevertheless, the urgent affair that we need to do is to awaken the public!

It’s a very easy thing not to kill or eat meat for an awakened man. However, it’s very hard to have all mankind to stop killing and eating meat. Though it is hard, it must be done. Only when people stop killing and eating meat could many crises on the earth be solved from the source.

In history there were countless ancient saints and sages who tried to solve crises of the earth. For that, many of them shed blood and sacrificed their lives. However, these crises, up to now, are getting worse and worse rather than being solved.

If killing and eating meat could not be stopped, the crises of the earth would only be superimposed hopelessly.

If killing and eating meat could be stopped completely, the crises of the earth would be solved and restored gradually.

Someday earthly humans will know that the best way to solve crises of the earth is no killing and no meat.

Here is a poem to prove this.

The source of mankind is clean and undefiled.

Men are driven by desires in this evil world of five defilements.

If you ask me how to get to the other shore,

I’ll smile and look at the lotus in the fire.

Let’s use this little poem as the epilogue for today’s conversation.

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