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All beings should be treated mercifully, equally and impartially.

Today is Feb. 5th, 2016, the 27th day of the twelfth month in Chinese lunar calendar. Han folk proverb says, “On 27th in the twelfth lunar month, slaughter chickens and go to market.” On this day, in addition to slaughtering their home-raised poultry, people would also go to market and purchase goods intensively. During the period of Spring Festival, though people do what they usually do on the market, buying necessities and selling surpluses, they more focus on buying and selling goods for the coming festival, such as fireworks, spring festival couplets, paper horses, incense and candles, joss papers, beef and mutton, all kinds of gifts for children, various headdress flowers for girls, etc. All items needed for the Spring Festival are being prepared. Therefore all local markets on this day are prosperous and bustling with noise and excitement.

On the 27th day in the twelfth lunar month, there is also a custom of washing away illnesses and old dusts, which is getting ready to welcome the new spring of the next year. It’s said that taking a shower on this day can remove bad luck and wash away diseases of this year. Actually it is just to pray to be healthy and free from diseases in the coming year. 

I made a cup of tea. A hint of light fragrance suffuses in the air right away as if fairy music were looming up from the heavenly palace. I took a sip and the sweet after-taste continues. It’s refreshing. A little story just came up and I would like to share it with you:

On the evening of 26th in the twelfth lunar month, a little chick said to its dad joyfully, “Daddy, daddy, how are we going to celebrate the Spring Festival?”

Holding back tears, the chicken father said, “Baby, go to bed early. You have grown up and you have to learn to take care of yourself.”

Looking at his child in sleep, the chick’s dad ran out of the door and cried in grief, “There is no tomorrow for Daddy. I’ll become a main course on humans’ table for their family reunion.”

This main course made of cock has a nice and resounding name called “good luck and great prosperity.”

It’s impossible to be blessed with good luck and great prosperity while slaughtering chickens and eating meat. It violates the Cosmic Law. It is a corrupt custom and needs to be abolished.

That ‘all things have spirit’ is completely true.

Equal and harmonious coexistence between humans and nature as well as between humans and all living creatures is the manifestation of progress of human civilization, the key to human beings’ ascension, and an important step to human awakening.

Yesterday, I told you the story about the piggy and piggy’s mom. Today, I told you the story about the chick and chick’s dad. I think that everyone should have understood what I meant. I meant to vividly tell you that “all things have spirit.” Animals also have their six kinds of kinship. Animals also have family affection and love. Animals also bleed, shed tears and feel the pain. Put ourselves into their shoes, and how can we bear to sharpen knives to kill animals for our appetite, dyeing the rivers and ground with their blood?

On the one hand, we sharpen knives to slaughter animals, dyeing the rivers and ground with their blood; on the other hand, we pray to the deities of Heaven and Earth for blessing us with a happy family, good health and longevity, wealth and good fortune, and being free from diseases. Do you think this cause and effect is reasonable? Do you think it’s logical? Do you think it’s accordant with the Law?

Caring and protecting all things and creatures on the earth is our mission. All beings should be treated mercifully, equally and impartially.

We human beings should not become the makers of earth crises.

We human beings should not become the destroyers of the earth ecosystem.

We human beings should not become the plotters of bloody events on the earth.

We human beings should not become the top one of food chains, but an important part of the ecosphere. We should take the responsibility for the earth ecosystem, make selfless dedication for all beings, and try our best for sustainable developments of the earth.

Though I am an ordinary person and my words carry little weight, I will still try my best to transmit positive energy to wake up the masses, to transform social traditions and outmoded customs, to advocate civilization and to purify humanity.

For a more beautiful future of the earth, for a more harmonious future of all creatures on this planet, let us strive together!

Various crises are perilous like the situation in the camp of stampeding horses.

Resentments, as deep as the ocean, are difficult to ease.

If you ask how to unknot the bells

I’ll smilingly look at the Decree of Stopping Killing.

Let’s use this short verse as today’s conclusion.

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