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Vegan and New Ecology

Everything in the nature is closely connected, animals and animals, plants and plants, animals and plants, animal communities and animal communities, plant communities and plant communities, animal communities and plant communities, ecological communities and ecological communities. The nature is like a net. Everything is interconnected. All is One. Disappearing of one species will affect other species, several or tens, or hundreds of others. So, the diversity of species is very important. A healthy ecological system is dynamic and balanced. It has self-adjustment capability. For an ecological system, the more diversified, the more powerful and stronger of this system would be when facing some disasters (the disappearance of a certain species or natural or man-made disasters). In the other way around, the simpler of the system, the weaker of this system. And it would not be able to stand changes easily. The net will be stronger if it’s more packed. 

However, it seems that the current earth is facing species extinction one more time. After the industrial revolution, the speed is increasing.

Let’s see follow some research results:

According to the Living Planet Report 2014, populations of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, ocean fish, and so on, have declined by an average of 50% in 40 years. Populations of the fresh water species have suffered even worse with a 76% drop. The report concluded that habitat loss and degradation driven by human activity is the main reason for species. Climate change is also a big concern. 

According to a report published in science, it’s found that 8 species of shark studied have declined by more than 80% in the past 15 years (1986-2000), with scalloped hammerheads decreasing by 85%, thresher sharks by 80% and white sharks by 79%. These data are concluded by compiling data from fisheries logbooks. 

According to research of the biodiversity group, close to one-third of the world’s 6800 species of amphibians are threatened with extinction or are already extinct. Habitat loss  is the most obvious reason for population declines. Two examples of habitat loss are deforestation and wetland filling.

According to an article published on Los Angeles Times, populations of several California species, declined 75% -96%. Greg Butcher, Bird Conservation Director and analysis leader, said that nationally, about half of the birds are in declines and of these, half of them are in significant declines. They attribute the losses largely for the expansion of the urban areas and the conversation of the grasslands to agriculture.

So what role does vegan play in shaping the future new ecology system? Or what does the current meat-eating habit do to the current ecology system?

If all have vegan diet, there would be no need to raise massive farm animals to feed human beings; there would be no need to cut rain forest and land forest. According to statistics, rain forest is home to 70% of all bio species. At present, the rain forest is decreasing at 0.5% each year, or 1% according to different data. Deforestation is directly related to livestock farming. 

If all have vegan diet, large amount of food would be saved. Compared to food based on plants, meat diet consumes 10 times or even higher amount of food to provide same amount of energy. At the same time, meat diet needs hundreds of times of water source.

If all have vegan diet, there would be much less amount of feces, fertilizer and pesticides discharged into rivers and soil to create water and soil pollution. The river ecosystems, ocean ecosystems and land ecosystems would not be destructed to such extent. Air pollution would be released by decreasing CO2, NO2 and NH3., which also relate to formation of acid rain and climate change. Extinctions of many species are related to the weather changes. Both warming and cooling would effect ecosystems. 

If all have vegan diet, the species of humankind would be healthier. As known, many vital diseases, such as heart disease, high pressure, diabetes, obesity, are related to meat-eating. Vegan diet will healthy the whole human beings and then the whole society.

If all have vegan diet, there would no over one hundred millions of animals slaughtered each day. There would be no such amount of animals in pain each day. Families, societies, countries and the whole earth would stay in peace and balanced.

The biosphere is all connected. All have vegan diet can solve many many problem and affect many problems. All have vegan diet. Is that so difficult?

Nancy  08/22/2015   10:59 am

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