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Vegan and New Environment

“Vegan Diet is related to all aspects and all fields of the earth.”What the teacher said is very true. The teacher is always right. New Earth, New Civilization, New Humananity and new everything need to start with Vegan Diet. Vegan Diet is the foundation.

The harmonious and balanced natural environment, social environment, family environment and the higher level spiritual environment, are all closely linked with Vegan Diet.

The current natural environment, which includes ocean, land and air, have all been seriously polluted and destructed. Human beings’ habit of meat-eating is a big contributor to this. Human beings’ activities of wanton capture and hunting have resulted in imbalanced ocean ecosystem. At the same time, the oceans were polluted irresponsibly and recklessly. 

The destruction of the natural environment of the land has to do with the expansion of the stock farming. Expansion of the stock farming is responsible for the disappearance of the rain forests. And so, many species lost their home. To satisfy the human beings’ habit of meat-eating, every year, animal of over 10 times of human population are slaughtered each year. To raise these farm animals, large quantity of food and water source is needed. Also, unlike human excrement, animal excrement normally is not dealt with, which polluted the land, the water and the air unavoidably. Stock farming also relates to over utilization of the soil. Research also shows that the effect of livestock farming on climate change over-weights the transportation system.

Because of the sharp increase of the population, the luxury meat-eating habit of human beings is devastating the oceans, which includes pollution and extinction of the ocean species, ocean animals and plants. Because of the luxury meat-eating habit of human beings, the earth has a big livestock farming system. Yes the livestock farming system exists as an appendix of human beings. Their existence is only for humans to keep their meat-eating habit. While animal quantity of this appendix system if about 10 times of that of the human beings. And this number, does not count the ocean animals. For the ocean animals, they do not have to be raised and they are just captured and then slaughtered. 

This is not fair because all life is equal. To satisfy and control other lives just to keep a habit, it does not comply with the Respect Law of the universe. We, human beings, need to change our habit. It’s not difficult. It’s just a habit. One habit change can save so many lives. How worthful it that!

The new, harmonious and equal social environment needs us to have vegan diet, needs us to follow the Respect Law of the universe and needs us to cultivate a compassionate, healthful, harmonious, bright and a humble mind, a humble mind to all lives. Human beings are not be above all, neither now nor in the future.

Good natural environment, social environment, family environment and the mind environment, can can not do without vegan diet. 

New good environment starts from vegan diet. Vegan diet starts from self.

In the new environment, all life should be respected. All life is equal.

Nancy   08/15/2015   10:46 pm

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