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All Life is Equal.

2015-3-22 21:28| Publisher: nancy| Views: 832| Comments: 0|Author: Nancy

Abstract: Plant-based diet means equality and respect. All life is equal. Respect every living being.

Plant-based diet means equality and respect. All life is equal. Respect every living being.

Plant-based diet means advancement of human being, progressing and expanding of human’s consciousness and self restraint of human beings. 

Having plant-based diet means that humans are not focusing on self any more and not self-centered any longer. 

Meat-eating is a habit formed during evolution of human’s history.

Meat-eating has been developed to the ultimate stage because of the human’s weakness, greed and desires. 

Meat has become an indespensible part in human’s diet and humans have been eating every possible living beings to satisfy their desires. Instead of ashamed of, some of them feel brave and proud of it. And so, karma has been created to hurt ourselves. 

When we are not feeling well, think about all the lives that we have swallowed. One life for one life, how many lives do we need to pay back?

However, things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme.

More and more people begin to realize the harm of meat-eating to other lives and to themselves. 

More and more people have begun to try plant-based diet. 

Vegans see meat-eating as cruelty, ignorance, and perversions.

It seems that striving for human rights has past, even though there are still some tails remaining. 

Those who look down on others will eventually lower their head, so will human beings before other lives.

Before the Law, all humans are equal, so are other living beings. 

It’s time for animals to strive for their living rights. More and more animal voices are being heard.

And these are awakening those people who are still in dream. 

The war for equal life is going on quietly and massively.

After the war, we will see a more advanced human society. 

All life isequal and respect every life. This is to respect ourselves too because all life shares the same body and same heart. 

Nancy   03/22/2015   9:11 pm

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