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The Public Welfare of Caring for the Earth

2015-5-14 10:42| Publisher: nancy| Views: 719| Comments: 0|Author: President

Abstract: The public welfare of caring for the earth is the embodiment of my Ten Great Vows.

The public welfare of caring for the earth is the embodiment of my Ten Great Vows.

The public welfare of caring for the earth includes:

Transmitting positive energy, devoting light and love, promoting New Earth, New Civilization, New Humanity and New Life;

Propagating vegetarian diet, healthy life, environmental protection, animal protection, plant protect;

Abstaining from smoking, wine-drinking, gambling, sexual misconduct, internet addiction and so on around the whole world;

Carrying on research on earth crises, for example: economic crisis, ecological crisis, belief crisis, moral crisis, natural crisis, and so on;

Researching and investigating around the whole world;

Writing reports about how to deal with the crises and how to dissolve them;

Making all-out efforts to contribute for humankind and the earth.

Do what we can for a better future earth and our earth dream.

There are too many things to be done for the public welfare of caring for the earth. I wish every researcher can do what you can do.

The public welfare of caring for the earth needs a huge army of researchers and volunteers.

I will not be able to move the earth alone. But with thousands of researchers and volunteers, we will be able to change this planet completely. We will be able to stop her from deteriorating and even perishing. We will bring her out of the crisis and help her restore balance, harmoniousness, auspiciousness, freedom, equality, prosperity, richness and beauty.

This is our earth dream!

Realizing the earth dream is my mission. And I wish realizing the earth dream becomes a common mission for millions of earth-men.

If we, earth-men, awake and become aware, and if we, earth-men, unite in good faith, make concerted efforts and share one heart and one mind, our earth dream is sure to be realized.

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