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Everything is Progressing.

2015-8-21 20:36| Publisher: nancy| Views: 672| Comments: 0|Author: president

Abstract: Everything on the earth and in the universe could be predicted. Everything in the universe is operating according to the Cosmic Law.

Dear earthcaring researchers:

It’s a basic requirement for a qualified researcher to write perseverely. We are all adults, not elementary students. You do not need me to watch you. You should finish your homework conscientiously. Finish the monthly projects and get some results. Propagate positive energy!

I am very busy, traveling all around the world without a stop. Rescue, study, investigate, and push forward the public welfare of caring for the earth with all my efforts. I wish everyone would be able to awaken, become aware and be able to help the public welfare within your power.

Do not waste your time. Do not waste your life. O.K.?

Make some meaningful contributions for the earth, for humankind and for all sentient beings, O.K.?

Dear earthcaring researchers:

I will only do one thing in this life: Be egoless and unconditioned; practice by following the Way;bring bliss to all under heaven and rescue all beings. The earthcaring public welfare is the concrete implementation of this Vow.

During the past over 10 years, although it’s difficult, I have never given up. “Never give up no matter what happens.”

Everything is going forward step by step.

Everything is progressing as planed.

Like a scroll, it’s opening gradually.

Like a TV series, playing one episode after another, it’s developing orderly.

I know the plot and the end, so I am calm and never hurry, so I am unflappable and take it like lifting a feather.

I knew when to return when I came.

I knew where I was going when I was born.

I came for this enormous thing, not anything else.

I wish everyone could enlighten completely, shoulder your mission, finish your mission and return perfectly.

Dear earthcaring researchers:

The time-space point is changing continuously.

The time-space period is progressing unceasingly.

The world scroll is unfolding gradually. We will see many events different from previous time and many newborn things.

I often say that this is just a beginning.

It’s because everything could be foreseen.

Everything on the earth and in the universe could be predicted.

Everything in the universe is operating according to the Cosmic Law.

Next, it will be very busy on earth.

Things that never happened in the last thousands or tens of thousands years will happen.

You will be surprised and shocked. Events that you can not imagine will happen. Things beyond your imagination will appear.

For example, aliens will show up all over the world massively.

For example, species that humans do not know will come into this world.

Calm down, hold your breath and let us watch the changes quietly!

There is no need to panic and no need to talk.

When has the sky talked!

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