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Vegan and New Humanity

2015-8-27 18:54| Publisher: nancy| Views: 1233| Comments: 0|Author: Nancy

Abstract: We are taking in energy, information and codes when we eat.

Vegan food is conducive for humankind to cultivate wisdom and compassion. For the current society, people admire strength and like to grow tall and strong. It’s commonly believed that children will grow strong and tall if they have meat and milk. And so, parents feed their kids meat and milk based food as much as possible.

We are taking in energy, information and codes when we eat. We are taking in energy, information and codes of animals when we have meat and milk based food. One character of animals is that they lack wisdom. In ancient society, when our ancestors took mainly plant-based diet, people admire handiness, dexterity, wit and compassion. Plant-based food carry these characters while animal-based food is very different.

Diet should be light and take only to 70 to 80 percent full. These are what our ancestors told us. When one has a pure heart and fewer desires, one would be soft in heart and less ego attachment. One would be able to listen to the direction from the spirit. Meat-eating people normally have high ego attachment and they are easy to be led by their desires.

On the future earth, the new humanity would be highly spirit-developed. The meaning of the life is to advance our spirit level with the help of this flash body and to purify our soul. The material requirements are just to provide enough for the flesh body to live. The new humanity will have much less desires for materials. Pure vegan food is the choice of the future new humanity. Pure vegan food will help purify our body and soul. People take food will not just for taste. Clean food will be a way to help to purify.

Looking into the future, start from vegan diet, are you ready?

Nancy  08/27/2015   9:41pm

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