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Healthy Pumpkin Dessert

2015-9-13 21:10| Publisher: nancy| Views: 1018| Comments: 0|Author: Chew Leng Leng

Abstract: wheat flour, glutinous rice flour, mashed potato detert



6 g of yeast
300 g of water (30 g for yeast and about 270 g for flour)
250 g of glutinous rice flour
300 g of mashed pumpkin
150 g of sugar
30 g of oil

1. Mix yeast and 30 g of warm water. Use after about 10 minutes when bubbling.
2. Filter wheat flour and glutinous rice flour, add sugar, mashed pumpkin, yeast water and then slowly add the other 270 g of water. Make a dough.
  (Adjust water. You may not need 270 g of water because different flour and mashed pumpkin may contain different amount of water.)
3. Add 30 g of oil to the dough and knead the dough.
4. Part the dough into 18 small dough. Each one weigh about 70 g. 
5. Oil palm. Flaten the small dough and put them on the banana leaves. Leave them for 30 minutes for them to ferment.
6. Steam the fermented dough for 13 minutes

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