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Mushroom, Spinach, Tofu, Tomato Sauce Lasagna

2015-9-19 22:40| Publisher: nancy| Views: 991| Comments: 0|Author: Nancy

Abstract: Plant-based Mushroom, Spinach, Tofu, Tomato Sauce Lasagna

Mushroom, Spinach, Tofu, Tomato Sauce Lasagna

1 lb mushroom
1 lb spinach
1.5 lb tomato sauce
1 lb dried Tofu
12 pieces of lasagna


1. Mince mushroom and stir fry in peanut oil. Add salt at the end. Keep everything including the soup that come out from the mushroom.
2. Fry Tofu and then mince or grinder.
3. Chop the spinach.
4. Mix all the above in the mushroom pot on heat. Add in tomato sauce. Mix well.
(Step 1 to 4 is how to make the filling. The amount of each material can be adjusted based on your taste. You can use more tomato sauce or add minced garlic if you like that. Keep the the juice that came out for the dry lasagna to absorb later in oven.)

5. In a pan, spread a layer of filling, then a layer of lasagna (4 pieces). So there are four layers of filling and three layers of lasagna. Add all the juice so lasagna can have enough to absorb. If you think there isn’t enough, a little bit of water can be added. I did not add water. The juice was just enough. You can also change layer numbers if you want.
6. Cover the pan with aluminum foil. Put the pan in the 375 F (190 C) oven for about 30-40 minutes.


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