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The Importance of Environmental Protection

2016-1-21 16:50| Publisher: nancy| Views: 983| Comments: 0|Author: Nancy

Abstract: The earth is just this big and the resources are just this many. We have nowhere to apply mortgage of resources, and so we have to use it wisely and cautiously. In this way, we do not have to pay back ...

On the earth, human beings are an outcast and they are a species with intelligence if not counting those that we cannot see.  We have incomparable creativity and at the same time our destructive power is stormy.


God created the earth and all the beings on it. He put the management responsibility on the shoulder of human beings. Managers, with high power, need to be responsible for other beings, need to serve and protect other beings. However, having been through all these ups and downs in human’s history, it seems that we have forgot our status. We tramp on the other beings, we eat their corpses and we ignore their pain. In the eyes of human beings, there is only “the self” left. And what’s more, the self is not human beings together, but the personal self. Each one separates the self from the whole. So you see, even between human beings, we fight and swallow each other. Wars, economy and politics, are all tools to pursue interests (There are exceptions.)


In front of the uncontrollable greed of human beings, the earth is weak. The earth’s resources are limited. The regeneration process is too long. The earth’s capability to change the waste to something useful is low. All the resources on the earth and under the earth are accumulated in millions of years. However, the destruction was done just in one night. Driven by the interests, the appearance of all the new technologies, normally speeds up the process of destruction, but not restoring it.


Air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, chemical pollution, white pollution, heavy metal pollution, sand storms, deforestation, wars, hanger, food pollution… Thus, are we polluting the earth and thus, are we harming ourselves. Asthma, respiratory infections, various cancers, different heart diseases, obese, diabetes, and so on and on.


Environmental protection is becoming more and more important. If we keep separating ourselves from others, then all of us would die together.


Our living standard is improving. We request more and more for better comforts. However, living in a simple way and having vegetarian diet are very important for the environmental protection. And everyone can try to do that. Slow down from the zeal to pursue more materials. Wake up and calm down for a peaceful life. To better ourselves is also to better the society. Everybody can do this and it’s everyone’s responsibility to do that. This is also for our own sake. We are all One.


We expect new, clean and cheap new energy to appear. Then we can not only decrease our destruction to the earth but also our life standard can be better maintained.

We expect to see more projects to appear to better monitor and assess the earth, so we can know the earth better, we can analyze the earth resources in more detail and so we do not exploit the earth’s resources blindly. Every time, when the forest is cut, and every mining needs to be applied and recorded.  Every time, when the waste is released, it needs to be recorded. For water, air and soil, monitoring systems need to be set up in different cities and districts. The earth is our living place, the big house and we all need to treat it the way we treat our own small house, protecting it. The companies that are severely pollutive and cannot be improved need to be stopped. Tumors need to be cut off. We need to make and strengthen the regulations for environmental protection. Strengthen regulations so that the industries can make all their efforts to cut down pollution. We did not have to do this originally. But for now, in front of the greed and destruction, we have to do this forcefully.


The earth is just this big and the resources are just this many. We have nowhere to apply mortgage of resources, and so we have to use it wisely and cautiously. In this way, we do not have to pay back doubly.


In the future, for every country, company and organization, every times when they make decisions, they need to consider the earth, environment and resources first. This is the right way and a must. The priority is not the company’s economic profit, not the customer’s request, not to satisfy the consumers, but our common and long-term interest: protect the environment, care the earth and maintain our homeland.


01/21/2016 4:30 pm

Nancy, Southfield, Mi

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