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The President shares his Life with Students

2016-1-31 16:59| Publisher: nancy| Views: 1029| Comments: 0|Author: President

Abstract: Pushing forward the Public Welfare of Earth-Caring has become my life goal.

Today is Jan. 31st, 2016, and tomorrow is Little Spring Festival (a festival on the 23rd of the 12th month of the lunar year) in Chinese lunar calendar.

Outside is a world of white jade. Push the window open. The wind blows to the face with snow, which brings my thoughts back to my childhood right away.

My childhood memories are happy and wonderful. Besides happiness and wonderfulness, they are more of poverty for me.

I remember that one year around New Year time, my family did not have even one penny. My father dug out two baskets of spinach in the snow ground and brought them to sell on the street. Then he pasted Door-God print, bought some fireworks and several pounds of meat. And that was all for the celebration of our New Year.

The memories of celebrating the Spring Festival in my childhood are bitter to me. Whenever I think about New Year, I would think of my father.

My father was inarticulate, honest, and not good at business. He supported the family with his labor work and he only knew to work hard on the farmland for a living.

My family had always been poor before I began to work in 1995, maybe around the poverty line. Every spring when my family was short of food before the new harvest, we lived from hand to mouth by borrowing food. It was usually my mother who went to do this. Now, whenever I think about my mother going out to borrow rice with a bowl, there would still be aching in my heart.

With these being said, you probably would know why I like eating rice. There is the memory of starvation in it.

In those days of shortage, a bowl of rice was delicious food to me.

You may also know that I enjoy eating sauteed pakchoi with thin sheets of bean curd, sauteed shredded asparagus lettuce, sauteed shredded radish. All these are what my mother used to cook for me, the taste of mom’s cooking, and even today I still think they are the most delicious food in the world.

Those, who know me well, also know that I do not eat snacks. That’s also a habit developed from childhood. Because of poverty, there wasn’t enough food to eat for normal meals, not to speak of snacks. I would eat a handful of raw peanuts to relieve hunger when I was starved at the time of physical growth. In my memory, it was delicious to eat raw peanuts together with radishes. Eating one peanut followed by one bite of radish, I would be full in a few minutes.

My first degree is from secondary normal school, not from a university. Even though my scores of entrance examinations to high school were excellent, I still chose the normal school. That was because going to normal school meant that I would be able to have an “iron rice bowl”, and after I graduated, I would be guaranteed to be a teacher with salary. In my family, both my sister and I went to school and my parents couldn’t afford to support two undergraduate students.

The tuition for the normal school in 1992, I remember, was 700 RMB. At that time, there were no savings in my family at all, so we needed to borrow money. However, nobody was willing to help us. We eventually scraped up enough money for my tuition with a loan of 500 RMB from the Rural Credit Union in my town plus the cash gift given by my relatives. The loan of 500 RMB was paid off gradually after my graduation. And that was another bitter memory of mine.

Today, I share my bitter past with you.

I am an ordinary person, a child of a poor family. With the powerful driving force of pursuing truth inside, I came this far today after each arduous step.

Somebody asked me whether I was “the great guidance spirit born in the west of China” in the prophecy given by the “Martian boy”, Boriska.

I smiled. I was born in the central China, near the Huai River, in the north of Yangtze River and south of Yellow River, not West China.

When I was born, there were no extraordinary heavenly phenomena, much less the good appearance of thirty-two distinguishing marks and eighty minor marks. I was an “ugly baby” with one eye closed and the other one open, and with a flat nose. I still do not feel that I have anything superior than others, not to say to be a great person.

On the 19th day of the first lunar month, 2004, my father passed away.

The leaving of my father made me even much firmer, stronger and more independent.

If I would not change my life track, the life of my father would be my future.

Do not take the usual way.

I am an ordinary person, but I am doomed not to take the usual way.

The mysteries of the universe and the life attract me like a super magnet.

Deep down in my heart, there has always been a super powerful driving force that pushes me to explore the truth of the universe and the life.

Theories of ancient philosophers, thoughts of Chinese and foreign saints, demonstration of the changing seasons, responsories of the mountains and rivers, the sad song of the dreamy life, the impermanent bubble of the transmigration... Everything was awakening me.

Finally one day, I found that I was really not completely the same as the ordinary people. I have a heart that is eager to awaken. Deep down in my soul, there is a cluster of super energy, like a super volcano.

Interests are the best teacher.

From 1992, the year that I entered the city to study, I was desperate to learn. Libraries, book stores and old bookstalls were the places where I lingered on with no thought of leaving. It was also at that time when I developed my fast reading ability. I read whatever books that interested me, the hundred schools of thought, astronomy, geography, geomancy, Qigong and Wushu, administration of a country and military strategy, Qi Men Dun Jia (a prediction theory), and so on. I read books according to my interests and this habit continues till today.

Like bees gathering nectar, from one flower to another, from one tree to another, I learned widely from others’ strong points and verified them as well as practiced them in person. Finally one day, I realized that I should do something.

In 2002, I had a trip to five cities in East China, and before that I had never left the little town where I lived.

On July 1st, 2011, I came to Mount Putuo, and before that I had never changed my life track.

On September 28th, 2011, I came to India and Nepal to visit and investigate, and before that I had never left the country.

On September 14th, 2012, I quit my job and left the little town. Since then, I have been on the road of traveling. And the world is my home.

It takes a decade to sharpen a sword.

From September of 1992 when I entered the little town to study to September of 2012 when I quit my job, it was exactly twenty years. These twenty years was my twenty years of precious youth, and it was also the twenty years when I grew up and got mature.

It took a little bit longer to sharp my sword, which seemed to be an ordinary one as well.

During these two decades, I have experienced too much sweetness and bitterness, separations and encounters, deceptions and injuries, fickleness and impermanence, farewell and deaths, and I have seen through the vicissitudes of life and tasted all flavors of life.

I decided to change my life completely.
I decided to grasp my life in my own hand.
I was not willing to bustle around for daily meals;
I was not willing to grovel for an official position;
I was not willing to waste my time on meaningless things.
I started to adjust, make my choices and change.
I was determined to live a wonderful life of my own.

Pushing forward the Public Welfare of Earth-Caring has become my life goal.

The Public Welfare of Earth-Caring means all ones that “care and protect the earth and all earthly beings”. Traveling all around the world has become the main path of my life.

“Traveling all around the world” means to carry out activities of investigation, research, exploration, innovation, practice, propagation and study, and so on, in each country and region extensively.

Now, the earth is bogged down in crises and undercurrents are surging waves. The future of the planet earth is uncertain and in unpredictable danger. The Public Welfare of Earth-Caring is extremely urgent as if to save a burning head.

The Public Welfare of Earth-Caring could neither be done by one person, nor be achieved in a single day. The accomplishment needs thousands of people with broad vision and the same interests to work together with concerted efforts, and to come over all the difficulties with one mind.

Even though I am a person in a low position, I still call on all the people who can hear me, “Let’s hold hands together, to create a wonderful future for the earth!”

This is a vast and complex project, a magnificent action started by me.

The snow fairy is still dancing outside. The heaven and the earth connect in the boundless darkness. With such scenery, it’s the right time to compose poems. I would like to end today’s recollection with the verse below.

I walked on the snow without leaving a trace,
and the sword was popped out of the sheath briskly.
Stars moving and seasons changing,
and these can be viewed so clearly as if they were in the palm.
If you ask how far the road ahead is,
I’ll look at the merging of heaven and earth and smile.

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