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A Sad Goose

2016-2-16 14:17| Publisher: nancy| Views: 1144| Comments: 0|Author: Nancy

Abstract: Who would keep my heart warm, and how would you be?

 Sun light, a hill and A motorcycle.
One goose standing and one lying,
With reluctance, they are parting....

Once in the clear water,
Paddling with red flippers,
We enjoyed playing with each other.
Once on the grass under the sun,
We walked shoulder to shoulder gracefully.
Once in this world,
There were only you and me.

Now we are parting.
You will become food on the table,
And I will be alone crying.
Stretching my head to the sky,
Who would keep my heart warm,
And how would you be?

By Nancy, 02/15/2015

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