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My mother is my first teacher, and also my most important master.

2016-3-6 14:34| Publisher: nancy| Views: 879| Comments: 0|Author: IRSCE

Abstract: My mother is my first teacher, and also my most important master.

Today is Feb. 6th, 2016, the 28th day of the twelfth month in Chinese lunar calendar. As the Han Folk goes, “On the 28th in the twelfth lunar month, beat rice cake, steam buns and paste flowers.” According to Han Folk customs,

when it comes to the 28th day in the twelfth lunar month, leavening dough or making buns, every family begins to prepare stable food for the New Year. Having prepared meat foods on the 26th and 27th day, when it comes to 28th, every family starts to prepare wheaten foods. In the past, the society was underdeveloped and there was no convenient yeast powder as there is now. Normal wheaten foods easily go bad if made several days ahead and only leavened wheaten foods can be kept longer. So on the 28th day, people leaven dough and prepare staple food for the days from the 1st to the 5th of the first lunar month; it is also due to the old customs that people cannot fire up to steam buns during those days.

Besides leavening dough, people will also “paste flowers”, which means to paste New Year prints, paste New Year scrolls and paper window decorations, showing their yearning for a happy life and their wishes for a good future.

Presumably at this time most of you are very busy, busy for celebrating the New Year. However, I am at leisure. I just made a cup of tea. While tasting the tea, I am chatting with my old mother. My mother’s hair is almost all white. She is getting more and more wrinkles. She is still moderately healthy. The most that she tells me is still that being safe and peaceful is blessing.

From 2012, after leaving the little town, most of the time I have been wandering in distant lands and foreign countries and barely have time to accompany my mother. My mother is getting older every year. Every time when seeing her white hair is getting more and more, I would feel dull pain in my heart. My mother has given me too much, but what I have done for my mother is too little.

Poverty of a family makes affection grow more precious. Mother’s cooking is my favorite dish and the stuffed buns steamed by her are the most delicious food for me. In my hometown, people also leaven dough, steam buns and stuffed buns on the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month. Every year, when making stuffed buns, my mother would be busy until dawn. I would accompany her all the time, kneading dough, leavening dough, preparing stuff, making and steaming stuffed buns with her. Every time, after the first batch was ready, my mother would let me taste first. It was really delicious. Of course, all these happened in my childhood and they have become my wonderful childhood memories now.

My mother influenced me greatly. She is my first teacher, and also my most important master.

I was an introverted child and not willing to make contact with people or play with other children. Out of school, I always followed my mother. When she’s doing housework, I would assist her by her side. When she’s doing needlework, I would make handwork beside her. When she’s working in the field, I would play around the field.

With no money to buy me toys, my mother made toys for me herself and played games with me, such as bamboo-butterfly, top, quadrangle, iron loop, paper folding, chicken feather shuttlecock, and so on. When doing these, my mother talked to me a lot about life.

My mother was a child from a poor family. She did not go to school and was illiterate. Many principles about how to live were from her plain kind root and wisdom root. She cannot tell great truth and the most that she taught me was to be kind and humble.

My mother never quarreled with our neighbors in her life. She was always humble and kind to others. I respect my mother. There would be no me today if there were no my mother.

Every time, when it comes to my mother, I always have endless words to talk. No words can express my gratitude to her.

Right at this moment, my mother is sitting by me quietly. She doesn’t know what I am writing. I didn’t read to her, either. She is just watching her son quietly and she only knows that what her son is doing must be very important.

The kindness and grace of parents is as heavy as a mountain,

and it is difficult to pay back even if we cultivate ourselves diligently for Kalpas.

If you ask how to realize this wish,

I’ll just smilingly look at Mu Jianlian (one famous disciple of Buddha).

Let’s just use this little poem as today’s epilog. Tomorrow is the New Year’s Eve. I will stay up late with you to greet the New Year. I look forward to reading your excellent literary writings tomorrow.

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