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The Two "I"s
The Two "I"s
How should we live our life left in this life? Shouldn’t we all think about it? Calm down and clean up the mind, and spiritual “I” will tell us. The spiritual “I” has always been there and trying ...
2016-2-17 22:31
These days, it often comes to me that discipline is so important in this world. With discipline, you will not lose yourself. Discipline is the protector in this world.
2016-1-29 14:04
Life is so Beautiful!
Life is so Beautiful!
Life is so beautiful. Do not tramp on yourself, her, him or it. Every life is improving and perfecting herself/himself/itself on her/his/its own life orbit, from as big as celestial body and the Milky ...
2016-1-14 23:04

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