Consciousness of Environmental Protection

Author:  IRSCE

Teacher Ling said before that all the animals on earth will be vegetarians also in the future. I can understand this, even though it might be in a long time.

Consciousness is like a net, interwoven. Humans’ ideas are changing quietly. Vegetarians are not isolated and they are not aliens any more. More and more people are trying and accepting vegetarian food.

Environmental protection is the same. More and more adults and children know now to protect the earth, love the earth, our sole and only living environment and homeland. If our big family is deteriorated, how long can our small family exist? More and more people know to start from the trifle things and start from me. More and more people are advocating not to use throwaway chopsticks, to classify the waste, to save water and electricity, not to destruct our homeland, to plant more trees, not to use plastic bag or other plastic stuff, to drive less, to walk or to ride the bike, to save and not to over consume, and the most important, not to eat meat or to eat less and less meat.

I always think what my material life needs? I only need a clean, tidy and warm home, where there is heat in the winter. I eat simply and wear simple.  What else do I need? Happiness might be related to materials, but definitely not absolutely. A deluxe bed does not mean worriless and a simple life could be peaceful. Everything relies on the heart. When the heart is simple, life is simple. A simple life means natural and beneficial to the environment.

The year of 2016 is environmental protection year. I wish my life becomes more favorable to the environment. I will also intensify my consciousness of environmental protection.

Care for the earth and respect every life, even if it’s just a blade of grass.

Nancy 01/05/2015 1:24pm