Future Education on Earth

Author:  IRSCE

The earth is the only homeland for human beings. The crises we are facing nowadays are related to human’s desires, self-righteousness, greed and ignorance of the heaven and the earth. In ancient times, humans observed the heaven and inspected the earth. They integrated into the heaven and earth and became ONE with them. Because of ONE, they could sense and feel. But at present, human beings have separated themselves from the nature and the universe from their heart. Most people are attached to materials and enjoy sensual pleasures. They close themselves in the house. They sit themselves in front of computers. They indulge themselves in the games.

The children of current days are tempted by various of colorful toys from birth. There are piles of stuff around them. The parents will make efforts to let them enjoy what they can. They play in the bath when beings bathed. They play on the table when being fed. They play in the car… “Have fun” is the purpose of their life. Maybe this is one of the reasons why the children of current days have short span of concentration. There are too many things attracting their intention.

Then, where should the future earth go?

In the universe, all things and creatures are ONE. This is the ONENESS law of the universe. Although it’s very hard to realize this by oneself, it would be necessary to inculcate this law to all children and all people. All things are ONE. If one knows this law from child, one will not have strong ego. There will be less contention and competition. One will more follow their own nature. With weaker ego, one’s true nature will more likely to appear. Hope this ONENESS concept will be imprinted into everyone’s mind. Hope human beings will integrate into the heaven and earth deeper.

Excess materials will block one’s spiritual development. Hope children of the future will be accompanied with books of positive energy. Integrate with heaven and earth. Keep away from those colorful toys and let body, mind and soul develop more healthily.

Except the concept of “ONENESS”, hope that the future education also include other cosmic laws. Learn cause and effect law and there would be no large amount of slaughter, wars and complaints. People will get more close to their own heart. Learn balance law, keep diet in balance and body and mind in balance. Pay attention to cultivating one’s own original nature, then there will not be too many diseases. Learn response law. Then people will know that everything is incurred by their own mind. Change the mind to change everything around. Respond to high dimensional beings and the high dimensional beings will lead them to ascend and return to real home.

Learn the law of Give and Take.

People will not be unwilling to make even the smallest sacrifice. They will know that you give visibly and you get invisibly. You give today and you will get tomorrow. Hope human beings research more, study more and experience more various kinds of cosmic laws.

Hope the future human beings could realize that the earth is ONENESS of Yin and Yang. So they could protect well the earth. Hope they will not dig her, mine her, destroy her and pollute her willfully. Hope they have this concept from child and know to protect the earth from the heart. I believe that the earth will get more and more beautiful.

Bless humankind in the past, in the present and in the future.

Bless Mother Earth.

Nancy 04/01/2014 12:31am