Improve the Energy Field for the Earth

Author:  IRSCE

Dear friends on earth, the earth is a huge energy field and all creatures and all things are in this common energy field.In the early stage, the energy field of the earth is relatively pure. And many beings were willing to come to the earth to live and to cultivate.

However, the current energy field of of the earth has been severely destroyed and polluted. Every thought arises in our mind and every action we make will change this common energy field we are in together with our own energy, information and code.

Every fluctuation of our emotions and up and down of our thoughts are fluctuation of energy. It’s just like waves on the surface of the ocean. The larger the fluctuation, the bigger the energy change and the more the effect on the environment.

This is why the cultivators need to subdue the self and not move the mind with the external environment and reach the pure status of serenity.

Some emotions, thoughts and actions will decrease energy, pollute the energy field. Pure mental state, which vibrates with the Way, is the best energy

state. There are many reasons why the energy filed of the earth was destroyed and some of them were listed as following for your reference.

1. Raising and killing animals in an inhuman way.

2. War

3. Destruction of forests and natural vegetation

4. Extraction of oil, gas and mineral resources

5. Environmental pollution

6. Damage of the ecosystem

7. Unpeaceful mind of the humans.

Energy of emotions and thoughts are big. Just like human beings, animals have seven emotions and six sensory pleasures and there are not much difference between animals and human beings. The difference is that the animals are weaker and they don’t have the ability to resist and can only be killed arbitrarily.

When beings raised and killed inhumanly, animals are in tense, passive and terrified emotions and the negative energy released is huge.

There are o.3 billion people in America and every year, about 3 billion cows, pigs, chickens and so on animals are killed to offer people meat to eat. The negative energy generated will not disappear by itself and can only be transferred. Also, the animal souls that have lost their flesh bodies will experience these emotions repeatedly because of their mind attachment until they are comforted one day.

It’s similar situation for wars. The soldiers are in high tension; the people around battle fields are in high tension and the killed soldiers will experience limitless sufferings.

And this is one of the reasons why human beings should not eat meat.

Another reason is that all beings who come around us have affinity with us. The meat you eat might be from the beings who were your relatives of your previous lives. This was taught by enlightened Buddha. Please do believe him. God also said that the fruits are for us to eat and animals are for us to manage, not for us to eat. We are all equal.

Every thing in the universe needs to stay in balance state and so is the earth. Mountains, rivers, mineral resources, oil, forests, desert and so on, have been there for long time. The earth has reached balance according to their distributions. It’s like distribution of our hands, feet, organs, bloodlines on our body. When we exploit without restraint, it’s destructing directly to the balance and the energy filed. People who can perceive the heaven and the earth know already that the earth in the invisible state has been worn out.

It’s time for us to stop now. It’s time for us to repent sincerely.

Repentance is the energy transformer. Repent to animals. Repent of what we have done. Repent and stop, only in this way can things be changed. Repent and stop, only in this way can things be solved. Repent and stop and this is our only way.

Nancy 04/23/2014 11:47 am