Do Not Detoxify Poison with Poison

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Author:  IRSCE

There are many big and small problems on the earth. When the problems appear, they need to be solved. There might be many ways to solve problems, but do not detoxify poison with poison.

When human beings solve problems, pursuing profits and satisfying desires are always put in the first place. This wrong starting point results in many cases where human beings are detoxifying poison with another poison.

For example, we are short of food. There are many reasons why we are short of food: increasing population, meat-eating, waste of food, etc. To solve this problem, we need to slow down increasing of population, avoid meat-eating and not waste food.

However, how human beings have been doing?

1. Use pesticides and chemical fertilizers blindly to increase grain production. This would harm the land. It’s similar to overdrawing the body. At the same time, pesticides and chemical fertilizers enter into the environment and become pollution. Many people who spray pesticides got cancer later and the leftover of pesticides enters into our body with the food.

2. Explore, plant and sell genetically modified food. Somebody did an experiment and it showed that the ant would not eat genetically modified rice. We make modification on the natural food. Even though it seems that we are solving the food problem, what we really get might be endless troubles in the future.

3. Due to excessive demand from the earth, our current life is materially abundant. Meat-eating becomes daily life for most humans. Large amount of hens, pigs and cows are raised for human needs. They are kept in narrow cages and it’s even hard for them to turn around. To prevent them from fighting, the hen beaks are cut off; to make them grow quickly, growth hormone is fed; to prevent them from getting sick, antibiotic is used. Animals are not free animals and they are treated as live machines to serve humans.

It seems that all things that human beings do are related to profits and desires. Our heart seems numbed. We have no idea about equality and freedom.

To detoxify poison with another poison only makes problem complicated. The problem will not be solved this way.

Another example, once there was a coating for the bottom of ship to prevent growing of moss. When a new product is invented, normally it needs long time to find out the harm it does to the environment. After many years, someone found that this coating is harmful to fish and then this coating was forbidden to produce by the government. What will happen next? New products will replace this one. Is the new product harmful? That would be the question after many years. We will see at that time.

I believe that this is not rare for many cases. We take tests on life; take tests on environment; take tests on earth and take tests on our future.

At the moment, we obtained. We enjoyed. What about the future?

The earth does not belong to us. We reside on the earth.

The earth was our home in the past, is our home in the present and will be our home in the future. Human beings lived here in the past, live here in the present and still will live here in the future.

Do not detoxify poison with poison any more. At the end, we are hurting ourselves.

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Nancy 04/15/2014 1:41 pm