Return to Self-nature

Author:  IRSCE

Any existence in the universe, no matter big or small, from galaxies, planet, mountains and rivers, human body, cells, molecules, atoms, electrons, neutrons, quarks and so on, are all running by following cosmic laws. Human beings are part of the universe, and of course we are under control of these supreme laws.

Cosmic laws, are also the Way, the self-nature and the ONE. The universe is quiet and in peace. The universe is free and at ease. The universe is egoless, unselfish, auspicious, and undifferentiated. Buddha became Buddha because Buddha became ONE with cosmic laws, the Way and self-nature, therefore Buddha knows everything.

For all existences in the universe, if they deviate from cosmic laws, the universe will adjust them and lead them to get close to the nature. The universe does not have discriminative and false mind. Humans have discriminative mind, and so they call adjustment as punishment. But all the pure nature of the universe, adjustment is a process of cleaning and ascending. The universe has no mind of punishment. The universe only operates under the laws.

The earth also operates under the control of cosmic laws. There have been many times of lives on earth and they all experienced extinction. The reason behind is that they violated cosmic laws and they were adjusted out of that form of existence.

At present, the earth once again comes to a critical point. There have been many crises, which include economic, politic, energy, environmental, biological, climate, faith, moral, nuclear crisis and so on. Behind these crises is false mind of human beings, profit-pursuing of human beings, right-pursuing of human beings, endless exploitation and mining of human beings and disrespect of life of human beings. All in all, human beings do not have right recognition of cosmic laws. And the development is not under respect of cosmic laws. False thought and pursuing is against the nature of the universe. It’s like chaos appeared in the pure emptiness.

For all existences in the universe, if they are away from the nature, they will be in adjustment. The further away from the nature, the harder the adjustment. To completely solve all crises of the earth, human beings need to return to the self-nature gradually. Return to the pure nature of egolessness, non-contention and non-pursuing. Return to peace from the chaotic state. Remove the old decisions based on ego and profits and remake decisions based on cosmic laws, natural principles and body science. Always remember we are ONE. There is no my country, my company, my organization, my state, my people…

Human beings are not independent. Human beings are not supreme. All beings are equal. Human beings are ONE with each other, are one with other beings, are ONE with the earth, are ONE with the universe. Only the mind can change everything. Put down all dispute about profits and follow cosmic laws. Only then could the earth crises be solved. The universe big family is looking upon us. Reach out our hands and let’s solve the problems together. Let’s experience the pain if we need do. No one can get reborn without pain.

Nancy  04/22/2014   3:00 pm