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Vegan Diet is One of the Important Marks of New Earth

Vegan Diet is one of the important marks of new earth, new civilization, new mankind and new lifestyle.

We will dig deep into the scientific logic of Vegan Diet and propagate Vegan Diet in a scientific way. Help more people accept the idea of Vegan Diet and then become a Vegan.

We can not force anybody to do anything, but we can affect them. Practice is better than precept. We should play well the examplary role.

We not only need to persevere in Vegan Diet ourselves, but also need to have high level, comprehensive, multiangle and holographic research on Vegan theory. When talking about Vegan, we need to be clear and logical, well-founded and convincing.

One more thing, the Vegan food we are talking about does not include simulated food. We should have a backbone. We do not eat simulated food.

Be a Vegan of character.

Yes! We are Vegans, spirited Vegans.

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